• Gentle (“Non-Force”) Chiropractic adjustments
  • Individualized nutritional counseling
  • Specific lifestyle guidance
  • We happily take care of every member of the family, including children, pregnant women and seniors.

Family Care

Chiropractic is perfectly suited for men, women and children of all ages. Everyone benefits from improved connection in their nerve system! Dr. Fabrizio’s gentle adjusting methods are especially appreciated by parents of young children, as well as by many sensitive adults.


While kids don’t usually complain of back pain or headaches, we find that children who regularly visit our office demonstrate excellent adaptability in life. Their improved connection often expresses as greater resistance to diseases, improved academic performance, decreased allergic reactions, better sleeping habits, etc.


The fact that stress causes health challenges is well publicized these days. Sometimes it is erroneously believed that the answer is to ”eliminate stress.” That’s impossible in our world! The best answer is stress management. The way to manage stress is threefold:

  1. Life style choices – What kind of exercise is best for you? How can you “find time” in your busy schedule? What foods are best for you? Which ones should be avoided? Dr. Fabrizio offers expert advice on these important subjects. And exercise is so much more enjoyable when the body is well connected.
  2. Chiropractic adjustments – stress will often result in spinal subluxations . A connected nerve system allows more efficient function of all the body’s systems, and even facilitates clearer thinking!
  3. Positive mental attitude – When the brain is efficiently “talking” to the rest of the body, everything functions more smoothly. It’s a lot easier to enjoy a positive attitude when you are “connected.”

Many people find that Chiropractic adjustments are an invaluable aid in today’s busy world.


We see many seniors who are not really sick, and definitely not well! Fatigue, pains, difficulties with digestion are just a few of the discomforts that tend to plague our senior citizens. These are all signs of disconnection(s) in the nerve system. Gentle spinal adjustments help to re-connect the nerves and it is once again possible to express greater health and vitality. We are privileged to see many seniors who are able to say: “Age is just a number.”