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The focus of traditional health care is on germs and blood. Chiropractic is different. Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should.

The Focus of Chiropractic Care is on the Integrity of Your Nervous System.

It's a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and the rest of your nerves control every aspect of your body. Hinder the vital nerve links between your brain and your body, and il health can result. A common source of interference comes from the moving bones that encase the "information super highway" if your spinal cord.

These "subluxations" can product a variety of health problems.

Nerve pressure can cause numbness, weakness or the under-performance of organs and tissues. Or, spinal misalighment can cause nerve tissue to stretch, chafe or become irritated. This can distort nerve messages between your body and your brain. The result? Hyperactive organ function, high blood pressure, or even pain.

686 Stoneleigh Ave.
Carmel, NY 10512

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