The War on Cancer

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Last Sunday in church, our minister announced that next Sunday everyone should wear pink to the service as a way of participating in the church’s breast cancer awareness week. Of course, this is simply a part of national breast cancer awareness month. Now, before I go any further, I want to make it very clear that I think that all of the organizations supporting those with cancer and their families as well as funding research for curing cancer are doing an amazing job! I believe their hearts and intentions are absolutely pure, and that many people would have died if not for their help.

Having said that, since the onset of cancer awareness campaigns, the rate of cancer has steadily increased to the highest rate in history. In 1971, President Richard Nixon officially announced the War on Cancer and even appointed a Cancer Czar at that time to oversee the war effort. Since then, large numbers of treatments and purported cures have been developed, and more people survive cancer than ever before (well, that’s not actually true, but more on that in a moment). Still, when the war on cancer was officially announced, 1 in every 8 people developed cancer. Now, one in every 2-3 people gets it! What is the point? It is simply this…It doesn’t matter how many cures for cancer we find if the percentage of people getting cancer keeps climbing! The truth is that no matter how many proclamations are made saying we are winning the war on cancer, we are losing this war and losing it BIG!

Here is my question; when will we see proper sleep awareness month or deep breathing awareness week, national fitness week, fruit and veggie awareness month or get your water week? When I suggested that after the service, the response from most people was, “But those things don’t kill people,” or, “But everyone already knows they need those things!” First of all, do you think that there is a person on the planet that doesn’t know cancer can kill you? And to address the other response, yes – lack of those things DOES kill you! In fact, missing any of these things, as well as some others, is the main reason you get cancer in the first place!

Here is something that may shock you; You have cancer cells in every organ and tissue of your body right now! This is an absolutely true statement! But, you also have an Innate Intelligence that recognizes the cancer cells as abnormal, and it mobilizes your Healing Life Force through your immune system to destroy them before they can divide too many times and become a problem for you. You see, the truth is that EVERYONE cures HIM or HERSELF of cancer every single day! BUT, your immune system cannot function, and your Healing Life Force cannot do its job if your body is using all of its energy to simply make it through the day because of your unhealthy lifestyle choices and a focus upon everything that you believe is wrong or missing in your world.

Your immune system, as well as every other system in your body, also requires a clear neurological connection between your brain and your body in order for your Innate Intelligence to correctly comprehend and respond to both your internal and external environments and keep you moving in the direction of health, wellness and wholeness. If there is any misalignment or dysfunction of your spinal column (what we call the subluxation process), it can impact your nerve system, thereby compromising the connection between your Innate Intelligence and your body, and you begin spiraling toward dis-ease and death. Going through a complete program of chiropractic care, and then getting checked (and adjusted if necessary) every one to two weeks ensures that your spine is functioning properly, your neurological connection is clear, and your Intelligent Healing Life Force can keep you and your family moving progressively in the direction of health, wellness and wholeness.

Some people say, “but what about genetics? Don’t they determine who will get cancer?” The answer is a definite NO! All of the best research is showing that your genetic blueprint is just that – a blueprint! Blueprints don’t read themselves and buildings don’t build themselves; someone has to READ the blueprint and then BUILD the building. Your job is to keep a positive focus on what you are grateful for and what you want to move toward, make lifestyle choices that give your body everything it needs to function properly, heal and continue growing, and to make sure that you allow your Intelligent and Healing Life Force to flow freely by keeping a clear neurological connection! That way your Innate Intelligence only reads the healthy parts of your blueprint, and continually builds you a healthy body!

Why has the rate of cancer increased with cancer awareness programs and why all the talk about how keeping an attitude of gratitude and a focus on moving toward what you want can heal you and keep you healthy? Remember this phrase…You can’t escape something you are giving your attention to! By giving any attention at all to what you DON’T want, you actually draw yourself to it! The same is true of so-called drug and alcohol awareness programs. Many studies have shown that the highest use of these substances occurs wherever the awareness programs are the most prevalent.

So what do we do about this? Let’s remember the phrase above again… You can’t escape something you are giving your attention to! If we will educate ourselves about our Innate Intelligence and our Healing Life Force, give them our constant attention, take appropriate actions to ensure their full expression and above all TRUST them, we won’t be able to escape the whole and healthy lives our Creator intends for us!

Look at it this way, a dark room is not dark because darkness has entered, but because there has been a DECREASE in the expression of LIGHT ENERGY. And, a cold room is not cold because coldness has entered, but because there has been a DECREASE in the expression of HEAT ENERGY. Similarly, a body in dis-ease is not sick because something came in, but because there has been a DECREASE in the expression of LIFE ENERGY in your body! When your LIFE ENERGY (your Life Force) is not able to fully express itself, it can no longer correctly comprehend and respond to everything inside and outside of you. The result is an inability to adapt to the stresses of everyday life and a downward spiral toward dis-ease and death.

How do you remove the darkness from a room? INCREASE THE EXPRESSION OF LIGHT ENERGY IN THE ROOM! How do you remove the coldness from a room? INCREASE THE EXPRESSION OF HEAT ENERGY IN THE ROOM! How then should we remove any manifestation of dis-ease in the body? INCREASE THE EXPRESSION OF LIFE ENERGY IN THE BODY! Again, we do this by keeping a positive focus, making healthy lifestyle choices and by keeping a clear neurological connection.

I propose that you and your family make the next 30 days INNATE INLELLIGENCE AWARENESS MONTH! REMEMBER the Intelligence you are at the deepest level, TRUST the innate Intelligence and Healing Life Force that continually runs, heals and grows your body, FOCUS on what you want to move toward and what you are grateful for, MAKE healthy choices so that you have cells that can do what your Innate Intelligence asks them to do, and above all, SEE YOUR CHIROPRACTOR TO MAKE SURE YOUR NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION REMAINS CRYSTAL CLEAR!

I want to end this Chirothot by sharing something with you written by B.J. Palmer, D.C. called THE TRUTH.

We Chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul. We release the imprisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind and flows over the nerves to the cells, and stirs them into life. We deal with the magic power that transforms common food into living, loving, thinking clay that robes the Earth with beauty, and hues the scents of the flowers with the glory of the air. In the dim, distant long ago, when the sun first bowed to the morning star, this power spoke and there was life. It quickened the slime of the seas and the dust of the Earth drove the cell into union with its fellows in countless living forms. Through eons of time it finned the fish and winged the bird and fanged the beast. Endlessly it worked, evolving its form until it produced the crowning glory of them all. With tireless energy it blows the bubble of each individual life, and then silently, relentlessly it dissolves the form, and absorbs the spirit back into itself again.

And yet you ask, “Can chiropractic cure appendicitis or the flu?” Have you more faith in a knife or a spoonful of medicine than the power that animates the living world?